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Tuckernuck Lifestyle Guide Featuring Secretly Gifting

It was such a joy partnering with Tuckernuck on their Holiday Lifestyle Guide. We had a fun and fabulous day shooting at Co-Founder Ashley’s beautiful home. Even our kiddos got to hop into a shot or two, at our impromptu snowflake making party. It’s wonderful to partner with another DC based women-owned company like Tuckernuck. Check it out HERE!

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Ashley Bronczek
Secretly Gifting's First Podcast Appearance!

We were thrilled to be featured on the Down The Foxhole Podcast.

“'TIS THE SEASON FOXIES. And SURPRISE we are releasing this very special episode with the incredible co-founders of Secretly Gifting on a Monday so you can download and listen while you travel (or chill at home waiting for dinner guests) for Thanksgiving so you are ready to gift the very best to your loved ones this holiday season. Of course, Ashley and Candace have way more to offer than just gifting tips (think how to thoughtfully give a gift card, how to gift to your cool BFF who has everything) they turned their passion into a thriving business in less than two years and we were left all kinds of inspired. PLUS, they are super cool, funny and down to earth and we want to be them when we grow up. Enjoy this gem. “

Listen HERE

Ashley Bronczek
The Washington Post X Secretly Gifting
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One of our favorite partnerships of 2017 was our Hostess Gift Guide that we curated for The Washington Post.  We were tasked with suggesting 10-20 gifts that would wow any hostess.  The gifts had to be general, yet impactful which is something that is always a challenge when shopping for someone who isn’t a dear friend or family member.  Most of the gifts also had to be under $30.  Yup… under $30.  We were a bit taken a back when we learned that our price point for each gift would be in this range.  Scared would be another word for how we were feeling. What we wound up finding were some of our absolute favorite gifts of the holiday season. Lesson learned. A top dollar gift does not always leave the greatest impact.  In our case, it was the challenge of finding gifts in the required price range that lead us to some of our most creative and popular gifts of the season. 

The experience itself was nothing short of thrilling.  Being a regular at The Washington Post offices has its perks.   Running into acclaimed food critic Tom Sietsema in the hallway and having him exclaim, ‘I just watched your Facebook live and you guys were great!’ was pretty cool.   Of course, we immediately grilled him on the best new restaurants in the city.  Pun intended. He was lovely and we wound up chatting for quite a while, trying to take a mental snapshot of his face since he is notoriously anonymous.  Ashley and him have a mutual friend, so our new goal of 2018 is going to a dinner party with Tom Sietsema.  Dream big people!

We were lucky enough to work with Jura Koncious, a seasoned and well-respected writer with the Post.  She worked with Candace in 2015 on an article about her home that appeared in the lifestyle section.  Jura was simply delightful to work with.  We shared many laughs and immediately knew that she ‘got it’.  The art of gifting was something that she understood and was interested in.

All in all, we created the Hostess Gift guide that resulted in many items selling out.  We hosted a live webchat that answered Washington Post reader’s questions and we appeared in a Facebook Live that garnered over 70K views.  By the time everything was over, we were pinching ourselves.  We had competed in a fabulous gifting press triathalon and felt like the winners. 

In no particular order, here are our biggest take aways.

  1. A great gift does not mean the most expensive
  2. We love doing Facebook live videos (Who knew?!)
  3. Our hard work is paying off

Click here to watch our Facebook Live

Click here to read our Webchat

Read the article with our gift guide picks here

Ashley Bronczek
2017 Year in Review!

and just like that...2018 is upon us!  

As most of you know, we started Secretly Gifting ten months ago in hopes of turning our passion into a service that would help people create a lasting impact through their gifting. We have been fortunate enough to have many exciting successes this year. Here are a few highlights!

We attended the NY Now gift show at Javits Center.  Oh boy, did this prove to be a successful trip!

Our partnership with The Washington Post that included an exclusive Holiday Hostess Gift Guide,  Live Web Chat and a Facebook live that garnered over 70,000 views! This gift guide resulted in many of our picks selling out in retailers across the country. 

Being invited to the Pinterest Pinfluencer event at their HQ in San Francisco

A fabulous spread in DC Modern Luxury

A private Men's bourbon tasting at local clothier, Sid Mashburn

Curating an Ethical Fashion Gift Guide featured on e-retail powerhouse, Maison de Mode

Brit + Co published our Astrological Gift Guide which was a huge hit!

An evening event at Tuckernuck featuring our favorite fashion and gift picks for the holidays

@DCityStyle X Secretly Gifting gift guide featuring the retailers of North End Shaw

A shout out in Washingtonian Magazine

Holiday pop-up with Capital Artist Collective, 116 Kings Lane and Anna Matthews

DC Magazine named us Best Private Gift-Buyers in their Best of DC Issue!

Delivery of over 300 gifts!

Reaching over 1,300 Instagram followers. #FollowUs #SecretlyGifting

It has never been more clear to us that the the secret to living is giving.  Thank you for giving us the gift of positivity, trust and support.  The support of our people has proven to be the greatest gift of all!

Cheers to the brightest year ever.  2018, here we come!

Here is a list of holidays and gifting occasions throughout the coming year. 

Valentine's Day - February 14th

Easter - April 1st

Administrative Professionals' Day - April 25th

Mother's Day - May 13th

Graduation - May - June

End of year teacher gifts

National Best Friend's day - June 8th

Father's Day - June 17th

Summer camp packages

Grandparent's Day - September 9th

Ashley Bronczek